Revolutionary Son


An audacious album pulsing with rhythm, colour and, above all, sumptuous melody." - Chris Evans, Allmusic


“ is tempted to say that this album is haunted... But only by spirits and caring players, the good spirits of the mage and masterful Fredo Viola.” - Stéphane Deschamps, Les Inrocks (5 out of 5 star review)


“In Revolutionary Son Smile or Pet Sounds-period Beach Boys mingle with motets. It may be there that we are the closest, Palestrina or Shütz…” - Jérôme Gillet, Froggy Delight


9 out of 10 star review in Rumore, Italia



Available for purchase in CD and digital format from Fredo's Bandcamp page.   Also available for digital download from iTunes and Amazon.

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