Liuh-Wen Ting is a New York-based violist. A Juilliard graduate, Liuh-Wen played with the Meridian Quartet, and has been on the staff of the Composers Conference at Wellesley College since 1993. She has performed solo and chamber music in such international festivals as The Prague Spring Music Festival, The Warsaw Autumn Music Festival, Primavera en la Habana electro-acoustic music festival, and has premiered works for Mode, Albany and Capstone Records.


Liuh-Wen has been playing with Fredo since 2011, and her playing was featured on Fredo's album, "Revolutionary Son" and his upcoming third album.

Justin Guip is a three-time Grammy winner who worked directly with Levon Helm from 2004-2012. Justin sat in on drums with the Levon Helm Band while the legendary musician played mandolin.


Justin developed the signature sound of Helm’s two Grammy Award- winning records – 2007’s “Dirt Farmer” and “Electric Dirt,” which was released in 2009. Justin earned his third Grammy Award for mix engineering the live Levon Helm Band during a 2008 performance that was released on a 2011 CD – “Ramble at the Ryman.” He lent his talents to Elizabeth Mitchell & You Are My Flower’s 2012 release “Little Seed: Songs for Children by Woodie Guthrie” and 2013 “Blue Clouds” which were nominated for Grammy Awards.

Diva Goodfriend-Koven One of New York City’s most versatile and sought-after musicians, Flutist and Piccoloist Diva Goodfriend-Koven regularly appears as an associate musician with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic. She is a member of the American Symphony Orchestra, American Ballet Theater orchestra, American Composers Orchestra, and the Locrian Chamber Players.  For 23 seasons, she performed at the Bard College Music Festival. She played with the Hong Kong Philharmonic, the Lake George Opera Co. and the Boulder, Colorado Music Festival for a season or two.   A former student of Julius Baker, Goodfriend-Koven was a back-up musician for Sting, Dianna Krall, Willie Nelson, Lena Horne, John Legend, and Lucianno Pavarotti – among other notable stars.

Luis Mojica is a pianist & vocalist who started developing his unique musical style in the crowded apartments and crumbling theaters of NYC's East Village. In 2013 he moved upstate tot he mountains where he's become renowned for his holistic healing work, as well as his musical compositions.


His unique style of live loopevd beat boxing and rich vocal harmonies caught the attention of Melora Creager, founder of the cult-famous cello band Rasputina, which led him on two US tours where he garnered his own listener base and released a limited pressing of his first studio album titled Wholesome in July of 2016. The record featured Creager on cello & Brian Viglione (Dresden Dolls) on drums. The limited pressing sold out during the first year of its release and is only available digitally.


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